How to Learn to Wake Up at 5AM

The idea of starting the day early to get working on your goals is attractive to many. Highly accomplished people mention rising early as one of the foundation stones of their success. Researches show that early-risers experience less stress while getting more done. However, for the beginners, this task might seem torturous and unrewarding, which […]

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Procrastination: not just a fancy word

Everybody does it! Well, statistically at least 95% of people postpone some of their tasks, big or small. And while we call this process different ways like “laziness”, “not enough motivation” or “overloading”, specialists of time management call it procrastination. Yes, procrastination is the real thing and a big issue for people nowadays. But blaming […]

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Do More by Doing Less

Many people confuse activity with accomplishment. However, being constantly busy doesn’t take you closer to your goal if you let destructions control your schedule. By taking the driver’s seat, you can make sure you don’t waste your efforts. And saving time while staying productive means living a happier life with less hustle and stress. Learn […]

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E-Journaling: 5 Ways to Boost Your Productivity

We’ve all heard about the amazing benefits of journaling and know that it’s something “we should do.” Yet, most people fail to take advantage of this habit. Let’s admit it, we all tried it, and most of us fell off the wagon before the journal ran out of pages. But it doesn’t have to be […]

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how to make time go slower

How to make time go faster or slower

“It’s possible for us to expand time from the inside, by changing the way we experience the moment to moment reality of our lives. We can live longer not just in terms of years, but also in terms of perception.” Steve Taylor What can we do to change our perception of the time? How to […]

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