How to Learn to Wake Up at 5AM

The idea of starting the day early to get working on your goals is attractive to many. Highly accomplished people mention rising early as one of the foundation stones of their success. Researches show that early-risers experience less stress while getting more done. However, for the beginners, this task might seem torturous and unrewarding, which makes it seemingly impossible for them to hop on this train traveling straight to success.

Here are some tips to get you started on the early-rise productivity journey:

1. Waking up early does not mean skipping hours of sleep.

Make sure you go to bed early as well to allow your brain and body to rest. Rising early won’t do much good if you spend your day in a sleepy fog.

2. Don’t try to shock and scare your body into an early rise.

Make gradual changes and be kind to yourself. Set your alarm fifteen minutes earlier and follow this schedule for a week to get your body accustomed. Then, move it fifteen minutes closer to your 5AM goal.

3. Spend plenty of time outside.

Sunlight helps your body produce optimal levels of daytime hormones to control your mental energy. Too little light exposure during the day will negatively impact your ability to sleep at night.

4. Avoid unnecessary exposure to the artificial light in the evening.

This means having a cellphone curfew and generally avoiding screens before bedtime. Computers, smartphones, televisions, and iPads radiate a sleep-sucking blue spectrum of light that disturbs your natural cycle. Turn off your electronic devices at least one hour before bedtime to make falling asleep easy and pleasant.

5. Put your alarm in another room.

Oldie but goodie: make it harder for yourself to sleep through it.

6. Don’t start off your day by reading emails and social media feeds.

Allow yourself time to check in with your body. Give yourself an opportunity to wake up before attending to other people’s needs.

7. Watch your caffeine intake.

Caffeine is a powerful nervous system stimulant. It stays present in your body for hours after that cup of coffee. Do yourself a favor and avoid caffeine after 3PM

8. Get into a habit of writing down notes about today and plans for tomorrow before bed.

This will significantly reduce the inner chatter that stands on the way of falling asleep. A routine is essential when you are aiming for an early rise.

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